G3 Alpinist Splitboard+ 140MM Climbing Skins

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G3 Alpinist Splitboard+ 140MM Climbing Skins




The G3 Alpinist Splitboard 140MM Climbing Skins are the solution for any snowboarder craving to skip the lift lines this winter and explore some uncharted terrain. With all the new funky shapes different companies are producing now, some boards have been hard to fit skins to in the past. With the new asymmetrical tip and tail connectors, these skins are able to fit the wildest of shapes. The adhesive on these skins is formulated to function down to -22°F/-30°C, in other words, it’s gonna work pretty dang well no matter when and where you’re skinning. The skins are also treated with a Durable hydrophobic waterproof substance to keep them from having ice clump up. Quit waiting in lines and find some new ones on some splitboarding adventures with the G3 Alpinist Splitboard 140MM Climbing Skins. 

When selecting the correct skin width, you want it make sure they are equal to or greater than the widest part of your ski. The widest part is usually in the tip and you can generally find this measurement printed in millimeters somewhere on the ski. If your skis are close to a particular size and you are worried about over buying, remember that you will be cutting off roughly 3mm on each side to expose your edges.


Asymmetrical Tip Connector –  Innovative laminated tip connector adapts automatically to your board's tip shape.

Asymmetrical Tail Connector –  New low profile tail connector is laminated in place and features a proprietary clip that fits any board shape.

Length Adjustability –  Super secure connection with up to 16 cm of adjustability.


Premium Plush –  Proprietary lightweight, fast gliding, supple yet super durable 100% nylon plush.


Proprietary skin adhesive is formulated to be fully functional down to -22°F/-30°C so you can be sure that your skins will stick when you need them to most

Durable hydrophobic waterproof treatment keeps skins dry and prevents dreaded ice clumping


Short – 328g, Long – 347g

Additional Awesomeness

Trim Tool –  G3's double bladed skin tool with ergonomic grip gives you a perfectly offset cut quickly and easily.

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