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Full Tilt Descendant 8 Ski Boots 2017

Full Tilt Descendant 8 Ski Boots 2017



An epic line from Tom Wallish's Good Company Two, to describe the flagship boot in Full Tilt's new Descendant line, the Descendant 8.  With a firm flex that can steer and power most skis out there in a wider platform than other cabrio-shells.  The majority of 3 piece shells are less than 100mm in the last, Full Tilt has filled a void with a wider fitting 3-piece boot that actually performs.  Wider feet deserve performance and Full Tilt delivered that with the Descendant 8.

Forward Flex / Boot Fit

A medium flexing Full Tilt; ideal for medium to stiffer flex skis or aggressive skiers.  The 45° heel lock keeps you in place for maximum power transmission.  The new evolution shell fits flat feet and people with 6th toe issues really well even at a 102mm last. Pair an awesome shell up with the Intuition liner and you have yourself a really nice fitting intermediate level boot.

The sizing in the orginal Full Tilt shells is a little goofy, you don't necessarily go off of what you measure on a Mondo point scale.  If you haven't skied in a pair of these give us a call and we'll help you out with sizing.  


Focused Intution - 3 Layers of different density foams give the Descendant 8 a great fit -- especially after molding.  Though the liner is body heat activated heat molding will speed up the break in process.  


3 Micro-Adjustable Buckles - 3 wide track micro-adjustable buckles keep your foot locked in place.  

Additional Awesomeness

Shock Absorber - Underneath the super comfortable intuition line is a soft rubber layer that helps dampen the ride and cushion the blow on hard landings.


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