Full Tilt Ascendant Ski Boots 2019

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Full Tilt Ascendant Ski Boots 2019


Flex: 120 // weight: 1930 grams @ 26.5 centimeters // 102 mm last @ 26.5

Gripwalk // Tech Inserts


Did Full Tilt just get lucky with the name.  Descendant stemmed from the Original 3 piece shell, cool -- name makes sense. But Ascendant, are you kidding me?! Holy, marketing batman.  The extremely well fitting 102 mm last from Full Tilt, gets a walk mode and tech inserts.  3 Piece boots with walk modes sacrifice less downhill performance than 2 piece overlap, since the power of the boot comes from the tongue.  The Ascendant is on the light side measuring in 200 g less than most alpine ski boots, due to the use of Grilamid, a light weight PU subsitute.  We have always liked the way the Full Tilt boots performed and to have one with some tech fittings, a removable tongue and a walk mode is DOPE!

TLDR: Full Tilt lovers, rejoice. A favorite ski boot with a walk mode, finally.

Grilamid Shell + Grilamid Cuff

3 Piece Cabrio

Designed by: Full Tilt // Built by: Roxa, Italy

How's the Fit: Fit's just like the Descendant, because it is one with a walk mode.

Binding Compatabilty: Gripwalk compatible bindings, Tech Inserts

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