FlowFlow NX2 Redwood Hybrid Snowboard Bindings 2017

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Flow NX2 Redwood Hybrid Snowboard Bindings 2017



California is known for awesome things and two of which are Flow's headquarters and Redwood trees. With so much awesomeness floating around California something had to be done to combine the two. The Flow NX2 Redwood Hybrid is the perfect coloboration for blending nature and performance. Fully equiped with the best technology Flow has to offer makes the NX2 a top tier beast. Rockered aluminum chasis is the foundation for a lot of power at a very low weight. Active Strap Technology keeps that highback sitting nice and flat while simultaneously opening more space for the easiest entry of all bindings. Hybrid strap blends strong ankle support with a full wrap around the toe for an even stronger connection to the board. The Flow NX2 Redwood Hybrid is an awesome binding with ample power, responsiveness, and a wood finish that is straight fire.


Aluminum Alloy Baseplate - A stiff, lightweight aluminum baseplate that incredibly responsive and strong.

Rockered Baseplate - This aluminum rockered baseplate is designed to minimize the contact area on the snowboard. Engineering the baseplates this way allows for optimal energy transfer to the board, as well as allowing the snowboard to have a smooth natural flex.


Glass Filled Nylon Modback - A two piece design that has separate lower and upper zones. The lower zone gives you power and response, while the upper zone focuses on providing flex when you need it. The GF-Nylon high backs are lively and super tweek-able.


Active Strap Technology - When you open the reclining high back, the entire strap lifts up and pushes itself out of the way. Once you step-in and lock the high back in place, the strap returns to its original position and grabs your boots in all the right places. This gives you the the quickest and easiest step-in system on the planet.


Hybrid PowerCapStrap - This is a perfect blend of Flow's step-in system and a more traditional snowboard binding. The two piece system allows for speed-entry and side-entry. Both straps are easily adjustable to any boot and will give you a snug fit every time you step-in.


Aluminum Locking Slap Ratchets - These ratchets give you the option to get-in or get-out any way you like. Easy to adjust and give you the locked-in feel you are looking for.


2.5 Degree Canted Dual-density Bankbeds - A full length EVA canted footboard provides support, energy transmission and shock absorption.

Additional Awesomeness

OC-Kush Base & Heel Pad - Flow's Kush dampening system helps absorb snow chatter and minimize shock from hard landings.

Aluminum Binding Disc - 5 MM-Offset Multidisk - Compatible with traditional 4 hole patterns, 3 hole patterns and silly Channel Systems.

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