FischerFischer Ranger 98 Ti Skis 2018

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Fischer Ranger 98 Ti Skis 2018



Test Locations: Big Sky MT, Jackson Hole WY, Jay Peak VT, Mt. Washington NH

It's designed for a little more than just going off sweet jumps and getting 3 feet of air -- the Ranger 98 is the most versatile model in the Fischer Ranger Series.  Most skis with this stable of a construction are built with only tip rocker making the Ranger 98 unique.  It initiates a turn more smoothly than the 'all-new' Volkl Mantra and doesn't feel as sluggish.  If you're familiar with the Line Sick Day 95 but want something with a little more power then the Ranger 98 is the ticket.   Because the ski is so light it is also a great ski to throw a touring binding on.  

This is one of our favorite skis for 2018 and 2018 is one of the biggest years for ski change in quite sometime.  If you like speed and wide skis that can float you'll be stoked!


Does the Ranger 98 Ski well on Groomers?

Oh Yea, it’s a ski that wants to arc turns. Will it grip as well as the Nordica Enforcer? No, but it’s not far off.  There is always a give and take when you want a ski to be awesome in soft snow, what’s amazing about the Ranger 98 is how well it skis on groomers.  If snow is SUPER variable, loose granular  white ribbon of death early season awful, there are better skis – like an older pair cambered rock skis.  The Ranger 98 can ABSOLUTELY rip on a groomer.

Who is the Ranger 98 Ti for?

Skiers that ski whereever the snow is good; regardless of pitch, trees, bumps, crud etc.  They are a true all-mountain ski for an expert level skier that prefers skiing off-piste.  Unlike other skis with an equal amount of rocker geared for powder, the Ranger 98 is fun to ski on a groomer, as mentioned above. 


Carbon Nose - The tip of the ski is carbon fiber to reduce swing weight and add torsional strength.


Air Tec Ti - The skis wood core is milled, which reduces weight without sacrificing stability. This milling process reduces the ski's overall weight by 25%.


Aeroshape - Traditional Sandwich construction with sidewall under the foot.

Early Taper - The skis widest points are tapered earlier to provide a more predicable tip in soft snow and make the tails more 'smeary' in off-trail situations.

Rocker Camber Key

Rocker Camber Rocker Ski Profile

Additional Awesomeness

Skin Compatible - Flat tail makes it compatible and easy to use with aftermarket skins as well as Fischer Pre-cuts.


The Fischer Ranger 98 does not come with a binding. We recommend you use a binding that will accommodate your skiing needs (backcountry, touring, all-mountain, freeride etc.). Be sure the brake width and release settings will work for your particular activity. Questions about what's best for you, contact an expert at

Recommended Binding: Marker Griffon

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