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Fischer My Ranger 102 FR Skis 2020 // Women's

Fischer My Ranger 102 FR Skis 2020 // Women's


r: 17 meters @ 168 centimeters // weight: 1850g @ 168 cm // Rocker-Camber-Rocker


Another year, another killer addition to Fischer’s Ranger lineup. This year, the Rangers split up into TI models and FR models; the TI skis featuring more metal and a more directional shape to create a harder charging ski, while the FR lineup is surfier, more nimble in tight spaces, and more fun in softer conditions. As you can imagine based on that description, these are a ton of fun in off-trail situations; in bumps and trees these things are absolutely awesome because of how easily you can cut the tails and smear turns. Plus at just over 100mm underfoot and width a ton of rocker in the nose, they’ll float really well. The added rocker in the tails means they’ll feel a bit more nervous at speeds on groomers than the Ranger 96 Ti, but the added benefit is how maneuverable they’ll be in tight Bear Mountain trees. Not to say you can’t ski groomers with these, you can, but where they’ll really perform the best is away from the trail.

Beech/Poplar Core

Titanal + Carbon Fiber tip and tail

Designed by: Fischer // Built by: Fischer, Ukraine Factory

TLDR: Ski off trail and you'll love it, only shred groomers you'll want a bit more stability.

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