Fischer My Ranger Free 110 Ski Boots 2020 // Women's

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Fischer My Ranger Free 110 Ski Boots 2020 // Women's


Flex: 110 // weight: 1560 grams @ 26.5 centimeters // 99 mm last @ 26.5

Gripwalk // Dynafit Inserts

Atomic's Ultra XTD 110w finally has a competitor with the My Ranger Free 110 from Fischer, though the Fischer has a slightly more forgiving fit especially on the instep.  When you feel how light the boot is you may be skeptical of it's downhill performance -- don't be, it's built to rip the most aggressive skis in the most demanding situations.  For having a walk mode, the boot has a tremendous amount of rebound, making technical terrain less work.  The range of motion when the walk mode is engage is top notch and easy to use.  Couple that with a lightweight shell and grip walk soles and you're boot packs are significantly more enjoyable or apres -- honestly.  Grilamid is the material these 110 flex are made of and part of the reason they are so light, this material is also really easy for bootfitters to work -- it can take a punch.  The fit of the boots is more relaxed on top of the foot than other 99 mm lasted ski boots, if you've needed to go into a 3 piece boot in the past -- you may want to check this out.  It skis great and might work for ya.

TLDR: This super lightweight boot, crushes it on the down and won't gas you out on the way up.  

Grilamid Shell + Grilamid Cuff

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: Fischer // Built by: Fischer, Czech Republic Factory

How's the Fit: The Ranger Free 110w runs big for it's size, it also feels wider than most 99 mm lasted ski boots. You'll notice there is more room on top of the foot due to the elliptical shell design, got a higher instep -- Fischer's got you.  If there was ever an Alpine-Hike boot you could get away with a smaller size it's this one.  

Binding Compatibility: Gripwalk compatible bindings, Dynafit Inserts

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