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Electric EG3.5 Goggles



Electric's EG3.5 is based off of the EG3, it's just a smaller goggle that honestly fits quite a bit better -- but if you're going for the big look we understand why you want the EG3 over the EG3.5.  With the EG3.5 you still get the press seal lens changing system that is a favorite among all of the staff here.  Changing the lenses is easy, intuitive and doesn't scratch the lenses like in the I/O's from Smith.  

The peripheral vision is unobstructed and all the lenses available for the EG3.5 are fantastic.  We really like the anti-scratch hard coating that is applied to the outer lens -- tree branches cause way less issues. 


Triple Layer Face Foam is what makes higher end goggles fit and feel better -- they don't have the itchy feel that entry level or mid-level goggles have.  Nike also added a thermafit foam so it has better contact with your face.  When goggles fit better they fog less.


Press Seal System- The EG3.5's come with two lenses and they are really easy to swap out, among the easiest in the lens swapping game.  If you know how to use a zip-lock bag you'll know how to swap the lens on the EG3 - very similar system.  

Dual Lens - The EG3.5 features an anti-fog spherical dual lens system that maintains inside and outside temperature difference keep the you skiing fog free. The lens is coated with an anti-scratch coating to stand up to whatever you can dish out.


Dual Adjustable - The strap on this goggle will fit any size head or helmet.

Silicone Ribbing - You will find a tacky lining of silicone on the strap that keeps your goggles in place on your helmet or hat.

Additional Awesomeness

Thermoplastic Urethane - When it gets cold materials get brittle, Electric created a lens that remains flexible at cold temperatures.  So if it's freezing cold and you're shredding the trees and get a branch across the face, your Electric goggles will stand a better chance of surviving over the competition. 

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