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Elan Element Skis 2019 // Women's

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Elan Element Skis 2019 // Women's


r: 12 meters @ 152 centimeters // weight: 1769 grams @ 152 cm (Without Binding) // Rocker-Flat-Rocker


The word ’stoked’ is one that we through around a lot, but one that’s almost never used when we’re talking about skies for beginners. More often than not beginner skis from one brand to another are relatively similar, and most companies save their cool ground-breaking tech for the top-of-the-line skis. The Elan Elements change all of that though, as Elan went out and made a seriously awesome ski for beginners and lower intermediates. They’re super light, and a full rocker profile means that the skis initiate turns super easily and never feel catchy or grabby when you don’t want them to. The real innovation though is called Groove Technology and it’s super sweet. The ridges on the top of the ski make sure that no matter where your weight is in relation to the ski, it will flex the same. For someone still getting their ski legs underneath them this is huge because it means that even if your weight is off a little or in the wrong place, the ski isn’t going to punish you, it’ll respond the same as if you executed your turn perfectly. Pretty freaking cool.

Wood/Composite Core


Designed by: Elan // Built by: Elan, Slovenia

TLDR: The most well-built ski for beginners there is.

Binding: The Elan Element includes an EL 9.0 Binding

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