Dynafit TLT 7 Expedition CR Ski Boots 2019

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Dynafit TLT 7 Expedition CR Ski Boots 2019



The TLT 7 is the newest incarnation in the Dynafit boot line up. While there are a few boots in the series, the TLT 7 Expedition is the warmest and most comfortable of the bunch. The fit is definitely improved over the older TLT6 and TLT5 models, however the coolest new talking point on this boot has to be the redesigned ultra lock 3.0. Dynafit has been known for years to have very simple and straight forward hike to ski switches, but the 3.0 version of their ultra lock takes user friendly to a whole new level. What used to be a two buckle system has now been condensed down to one innovative buckle with two levers. The top, “orange” lever opens and closes the top cuff buckle, while the bottom, “green” level pins the upper cuff into ski mode while simultaneously adding pressure to the lower cable buckle. The lower buckle sports micro adjustability and a super low profile so there is no extra drag in powder or tight trees.

Dynafit has moved the front pins of the TLT7 closer to the big toe of the skier creating a more efficient stride. The new “speed nose” does require a crampon adaptor in order to successfully wear automatic crampons. This boot is crazy stiff for its weight thanks to the L shaped frame that is loaded with carbon. The cuff is comprised of Grilamid loaded with carbon while the shell and spoiler are also Grilamid plastic. The TLT7 fits awesome and it will get you up the hill in a jiffy leaving plenty of energy for the decent.

Forward Flex / Boot Fit

The TLT 7 is surprisingly stiff for its 1120g weight. While Dynafit doesn’t typically release flex info, this boot feels a lot like other 110’s. The TLT 7 has a three piece or “cabrio” shell with a separate plastic tongue. Cabrio shells are perfect for off piste skiing. This boot has a tight fitting heel pocket and roughly a 102mm last in the 26.5.

Lambda Frame - A carbon infused L shaped exoskeleton exists on both sides of this boot. The stiff reinforcements provide significant lateral and forward flexing rigidity that gives a skier a precise response.


Custom Ready - The TLT 7 Custom Ready liner is not as light as the Custom Light that is found in the TLT7 Performance boot, but the custom ready wins in the warm and comfortable category. The custom ready liner is body mapped to provide just the right balance of warmth and ski performance. The custom ready utilizes firmer and thinner materials for a more precise fit than the TLT 6. The material changes in the mid foot and toes in order to provide comfort for average size feet.


Built to be incredibly simple, the two cable buckles present on this boot might be easier to adjust than most boa snowboard boots. The cables used are light and strong.

Ski / Hike

Ultra Lock 3.0 - Redesigned to reduce weight, the 3.0 Ultralock allows you manage the entire boot with just one upper buckle. The red and green latches of the upper buckle move independently so you can transition from ski, to walk, to fit mode easily. You get the same ultra lock benefits you have come to love in Dynafit boots, but now the lower buckle is attached to the upper cuff with a sneaky cable. The TLT 7 is more streamlined/snow-dynamic, lighter weight, and has reduced risk of buckle breakage.

Additional Awesomeness

Speed Nose - The new Dynafit Speed Nose creates a set back pivot point that makes the uphill portion easier.

Master Step - The newly redesigned tech fittings allow for 50% easier step in and now they can handle a max DIN of 16.

Boot Sole - Ultra Grippy Formula Pomoca Climb

Cuff Rotation - 60 degrees

Forward Lean - 15-18 degrees + release for walking

Snowdynamic Concept - Dynafit has designed this boot with a streamlined profile in order to ski powder with more efficiency and protect vital components of the boot from unexpected impacts. 

Weight - 1130 grams in size 27.5

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