Dynafit TLT 6 Mountain CR Ski Boots 2016

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Dynafit TLT 6 Mountain CR Ski Boots 2016



If you like to spend your time hiking and skiing in the same day, the Dynafit TLT 6 Mountain CR Ski boot is for you. This boot is lightweight and with a full 60 degrees of cuff rotation it is a dream to hike in. The TLT 6 has the shortest rockered sole on the market, (just 297mm in the 27.5 size.) The more compact length allows these boots to work easily with crampons and easily navigate rocky terrain. The tongue of this boot is removable allowing increased range of motion for technical ascents. At the top of your run, with your Ultra Lock 2.0 top buckle still in hike mode you can slide the tongue back into the boot for a more responsive decent. The Ultra-Lock System lets you easily transition from ski to hike with just one hand. The buckles are ultra light and made from steel cable and magnesium. The upper and lower buckles have snap down buckle catches that allow you to easily open your buckles on the uphill without losing your place for the way down. Its not every day that you meet a boot that can handle a ski decent and a mixed ice climb, take advantage of its capabilities.

Forward Flex / Boot Fit

The TLT 6 Mountain CR has a narrow heel pocket and low instep height. The forefoot pocket is a 101mm last to give the perfect fit for the average foot. This boot comes with two tongues to adjust the flex. You can use no tongue for a soft feel, the medium tongue for a mid flex or the stiff tongue for a responsive ride down.


Custom Ready Liner - This liner if fully heat moldable. The custom ready liner is a terrific insulator that is aided by a felt/aluminum layer inside the shell. Your toes are definitely going to be toasty on your next mountaineering adventure.


This boot has two light weight buckles. Dynafit uses a unique cable buckle that hooks up on toothed buckle catches for a simple and lightweight design. The top buckle the keystone in this boot design because it closes the top cuff and simultaneously pins the top cuff to the lower shell. Switching from hike to ski mode has never been easier. The lower buckle wraps the instep and is micro adjustable.

Additional Awesomeness

Claw Sole - This boot is designed to be hiked and climbed in. The claw sole helps you gain traction on all different types of terrain. The durable and sticky rubber is designed to be re-soled if you put these boots through their paces. This sole has a great deal of rocker that helps make walking easy. All of this rocker compromises this boots performance in a traditional alpine binding so be sure to choose a tech binding to pair with this boot.

Grilamid Lower Shell - Grilamid is the lightest and stiffest polymer on the market. This helps the lightweight boot gain some lateral stability especially when skiing beefier skies.

Ultra Lock Strap - This strap has a unique tightening mechanism that makes it perfect for touring. It is super easy to make the transition from ski to hike with the pull of a finger.

Forward Lean Adjustment - When you unscrew the metal insert on the back of the boot and flip it 180 degrees you can adjust the forward lean from 15-18 degrees.

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