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Dynafit Radical ST 2.0 Ski Bindings 2018

Dynafit Radical ST 2.0 Ski Bindings 2018



If you or someone you knew had a pair of the original TLT Radical ST’s then you may have witnessed a binding pre-release. This first binding didn’t have much elastic travel in the toe or heel so it didn’t leave much room for skier error. This inconsistent release problem is exactly what Dynafit tackled with their release of the TLT Radical ST 2.0. The first big addition to this binding is the rotating toe piece. This new toe will rotate five millimeters to the left and the right when the binding lever is down in ski mode. By allowing for toe rotation while skiing, this binding has a much more consistent lateral release. The second big addition to the 2.0 is the much larger forward pressure spring in the heel. The larger heel spring allows this binding to have ten millimeters of forward pressure, and it should help this binding reach a DIN certification. Another big improvement on this binding is the length adjustment. The 2.0 boasts 22.5mm of adjustment forward and back compared to the original binding that only has 12.5mm. The last big design upgrade is the brake locking mechanism on the heel piece. The old Radical ST heel piece was only supposed to rotate clockwise, but it could be sometimes unclear whether it should spin left or right. The new heel piece only moves clockwise so there is no confusion and it pins the brakes with a lot more authority. If you are considering a lightweight touring setup the TLT Radical ST 2.0 is definitely worth the wait.


Rotation Toe Piece - This new radical toe piece offers five millimeters of travel in each direction for more consistent ski releases. This toe piece pivots in the center and rotates in a circular motion. When you are hiking, this toe piece locks in place so you can maintain complete control of the ski.


Easy Lock Brake System - The heel on the Radical ST 2.0 definitely fits the bill of new and improved. You simply turn the heel piece clockwise for one quarter turn to switch into hike mode and pin the brake. When you finish your hike you switch back into ski mode with a three quarter turn.

10mm Forward Pressure - This binding has 10mm of elastic travel in the heel piece. This 10mm travel helps absorb impacts and turbulence caused from skiing challenging terrain.

Climbing/Touring Aid

This binding has two different heel positions so you can switch from no risers on the hike in and flip them up to tackle the steepest black diamond trails.


Forged 7075 Aluminum, Chromoly, High-Strength Synthetic Material, Stainless Steel.

Hike To Ski Adjustment

To begin your tour, start with the binding in tour mode. This is completed by turning the heel piece clockwise to pin the brake down. Then with the toe piece lever depressed all the way to the ski, you will line up the tech fittings on your ski boots with the pins on the binding. Once lined up, press your boot down to lock the fittings in your boot. When you get your skins off at the top, you can spin the heel piece and unlock the brakes. With your toes still clicked in, press your heel down firmly to engage the back binding pins. Now you are ready to ski.

Additional Awesomeness

DIN 4-10, +/- 22.5mm length adjustment, Stand 36mm Front & 53mm Back.

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