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Dynafit Radical CR Ski Boots 2018

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Dynafit Radical CR Ski Boots 2018



Finally a boot that has it all. The Dynafit Radical has the polyurethane construction that you are used to on your resort boots combined with some serious range of motion for hiking. All of those shredding features come in at 1790 grams per boot which is very much in the light weight category. Another great benefit of this boot is that it will fit in all types of touring bindings thanks to its flatter rubber sole. At a 104 last, this boot provides lasting comfort all day even for those with wider feet. It can be tough to stretch the other lightweight boots on the market because of their lighter plastic. This boot has a polyurethane shell that makes it easier for a boot fitter to customize the fit. With the Radical you get tons of downhill performance in a boot that can truly control a stiffer ski. This is a great boot for anyone considering one pair of boots for touring and resort skiing. It is also a great pair to get when you are considering a touring set-up but you don’t want to sacrifice comfort and ski control on the way down.

Forward Flex / Boot Fit

Cabrio Shell - This boot has three piece tongue design to allow for great range of motion and good downhill performance. The motion lock system will allow you to lock this boot at 15 and 21 degrees

104mm Last in 26.5 - This boot has a wide comfortable forefoot combined with a snug heel pocket.


Custom Ready Liner - This super lightweight liner offers out of the box comfort that is totally heat moldable. Thanks to strategically places wear patches on the outside of the liner, this boot will stand up to miles of touring abuse.


Magnesium Buckles - These buckles are lightweight and durable. They are micro adjustable for a fine tuned fit and thanks to a special clasp at the end of the buckle they can be pinned open for a loose fit on the hike up.

Additional Awesomeness

Formula Pomoca Climb - The rubber on the outside of this boot has been engineered to provide excellent traction on all types of mountain terrain. The polyurethane foot board on the inside will absorb impact and insulate your foot from the ground.

Dynafit Quick Step-in Insert - The patented design of the tech fittings on this boot make it 70% easier to step into Dynafit Bindings

Ultra Lock Strap - This power strap will eliminate any gap between the shin and the front buckles while skiing. Thanks to a strategically placed pull tab this boot is a snap to loosen up for the next hike up.

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