DynafitDynafit First Track S/S Tee

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Dynafit First Track S/S Tee



Lets face it you’re a little different. You don’t ride the lift, you work for your vert. You enjoy spending time in the woods far far away from most people. That special logic needs a little explaining from time to time and the First Track Tee from Dynafit is just the tool for the job. Now you can comfortably show people that you are yearning to get away without ever opening your mouth.


100% Cotton 


Athletic - The First Track Tee has a cut that accentuates your man guns. Not too baggy, just the way we like it.


This tee has a very average length to it. 

Wardrobe Placement

If you like to make first tracks as much as we do, this tee will be at the top of your party drawer. We know you have to look presentable for work, but we want to make sure you rule the weekend.

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