Dragon X2 Goggle

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Dragon X2 Goggle


Two Lenses // Size: Medium-Large // OTG Compatible: No

The Dragon X2 Goggle is dialed in all the way around. Detail oriented engineering gives the X2 Goggle legs to go the distance with smooth and timeless style that’s tough to get tired of. Swiftlock lens exchange system is as easy to master and manage as any system goin’. In terms of optical clarity, Dragon uses a 6 base injection method of lens construction to create undistorted sight lines. An anti-fog coating is your main homeboy when your getting up and down, bombing through a variety of temperature and moisture conditions. The X2’s UV protective lenses come in all of the necessary VLT (visible light transmission) ratings, from 4-81%. Ever have to replace a perfectly good goggle only due to vent puncture. Dragon’s armored vents make clearing snow easy, and let the X2 Goggle take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.

Swiftlock Lens Technology

Armored Venting

Hypoallergenic Triple Layer Foam

TLDR: A great fitting spherical lens shape goggle that offers an incredible field of view and optical clarity.

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