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Dragon PXV Goggles

Dragon PXV Goggles

Dragon PXV Goggles


Two Lenses // Size: Medium-Large // OTG Compatible: No

With so many brands making great products, it can be difficult to differentiate some products from others, which often leads to buying what looks the best. Dragon has changed the goggle game with the introduction of the PXV Goggle, their latest creation which combines the classic cylindrical lens style everyone loves with the top tier visual performance that a spherical lens provides. Using a proprietary lens shape called Panotech, Dragon has taken a traditional cylindrical lens and added a touch of spherical curvature where your sightline is in order to maximize clarity and peripheral visibility. With Armored venting for harmless snow clearing and double the strength of past years' already good anti-fog coating, there's not much left for wishing on this one. Whatever you think PXV may stand for, there's one thing we know for sure, the Dragon PXV Goggle has us stoked and changes the game by making gear that works well, look good too. 

Panotech Lens


Hypoallergenic Microfleece Lining

TLDR: New lens shape enhancing optical clarity, Dragon's same great quick changing lens tech, and Lumalens color optimizing tech...need we say more?

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