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Capita The Equalizer Snowboard 2021 // Women's

Capita The Equalizer Snowboard 2021 // Women's


Flex: Mid // Shape: Directional // Profile: Rocker-Camber-Flat

Jess Kiimura, the Queen of the Mothership, slayer of parks, and stomper of landings is dropping the brand new model from Capita called The Equalizer. Jess started off huge on the street scene, but has recently slid into the backcountry. The Equalizer represents her new style of riding without forgetting where it all started. Camber underfoot with a directional design makes The Equalizer primo for resort riders, back bowlers, and tree hunters. Since the board has more rocker in the nose it makes turn initiation on the groomers effortless, blasting the afternoon chop effortless, and if it's deep snow the float guessed it, effortless! If you're looking for a easy ride that can crush, The Equalizer is freeride perfection that is lightweight, stable, and always a good time. 

Ash/Poplar Core

Traixial (Top)/Biaxial (Bottom) Fiberglass

Designed by: Capita // Built by: Capita Mothership, Austria Factory

TLDR: Awesome freeride design that can do it all, not the best for heavy park riders, but it can hang if needed.

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