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Burton Skeleton Key Snowboard 2020

Burton Skeleton Key Snowboard 2020


Flex: Stiff // Shape: Directional // Profile: Rocker-Camber

Two years ago, Burton finally dropped the Skeleton Key as a special edition board that they had been crafting and perfecting for years. After just two seasons, it's already received pretty much every accolade a snowboard can win, and immediately cemented itself as one for the ages. For 2019 it's definitely solidified itself as a permanent fixture in Burton’s line, so if you missed out years 1 and 2 you’ve still got a shot. 10mm of taper and camber loaded into the backseat of the board makes this geared for powder perfection. Not to anyone’s surprise, of course, the Skeleton Key still rips on hard snow and you won’t feel any shame spending an afternoon with it shredding groomers. Trees and powder though is where this board’s legend was created and it’s easy to see why. A huge rocker nose gives it incredible float, and the short tail is great for snapping quick turns between trees. There’s a reason it was one of the most desirable snowboards in the world last year, and now its back for a repeat performance. Pick up the Burton Skeleton Key and unlock every single door on the mountain!

How does the Skeleton Key compare to the Burton Flight Attendant

The Skeleton Key and Flight Attendant are kind of like that pair of twin brothers you know that are always arguing about which one is older. They’re very similar in a lot of ways, and both going to do really well in big mountain riding. However, there are some subtle differences that set them apart. While both are directional boards with the same amount of taper (10mm), the Skeleton Key is shaped like a true directional board while the Flight Attendant is still going to flex like a twin. This will allow to Skeleton Key to float a bit more in powder. The other minimal difference is that Carbon I-Beam Fiberglass found in the Flight Attendant will make it a bit more stiff and aggressive than the Skeleton Key, once again making the Skeleton Key a bit better for powder while the Flight Attendant will be a bit better for all-mountain performance. 

SuperFly II 700g Core

Infinite Ride

Designed by: Burton Snowboards // Built by: Kiel-Nindl GMBH, Austria

TLDR: One of the world's premier freeride boards -- tons of grip at high speeds and a huge floaty nose for pow. 

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