Burton Burton Scribe Snowboard Binding 2017 | Women's

Burton Scribe Snowboard Binding 2017 | Women's



Versatility at its finest. The Burton Scribe Snowboard Binding for women is opening up doors to every spot on the mountain. All mountain design offers enough support for getting aggressive and enough flex to enjoy a slower pace. Canted Living Hi-Back lets you make a perfect fit with any boot by forward and rotational adjustments. Super lightweight Re:Flex chasis won't vacuum the energy from your legs that will let you shred longer with less fatigue. Then the FullBED Cushioning handles the comfort department that will soak up all those vibrations and chatter. Whether you have been riding since childhood or still in the novice state, the Burton Scribe is an awesome option for any lady who loves to ride.


Single-Component Re:Flex - Traditional disc cored baseplate crafted from a a blend of short-glass and nylon material that allows the board to flex naturally while increasing responsiveness.


Canted Living Hinge - Ergonomic design that accomodates natural forward lean that allows you to adjust forward lean and hi-back rotation independantly.


Reactstrap with Flex Slider - Ultra-responsive wrap that conforms to any boot that delivers performance the instant it is needed. Paired with flex slider lets the strap fall completely out of the way during entry and exit.

Gettagrip Capstrap - Grippy rubber wrap that forms to the toe with no unwanted pressure points.


Smooth Glide Buckles - Exceeding industry standards with aluminum levers and steel bases for smooth performance with loads of durability.


FullBED Cushioning -  Full underfoot cushioning that increases comfort and reduces fatigue with trap door design for easy access to the hardware.

Additional Awesomeness

Flex Slider - Ankle strap has the ability to flex and fully open for even entry and exit of the binding.

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