Burton Scribe Snowboard Bindings 2019 // Women's

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Burton Scribe Snowboard Bindings 2019 // Women's


Flex: Mid-Flex // Chassis: Short Glass + Nylon Composite // Compatibility: 2x4, 4x4, The Channel

Versatility at its finest. The Burton Scribe Snowboard Binding for women is opening up doors to every spot on the mountain. All mountain design offers enough support for getting aggressive and enough flex to enjoy a slower pace. Canted Living Hi-Back creates a perfect fit with any boot by forward and rotational adjustments. Super lightweight Re:Flex chasis won't suck the energy from your legs that will let you shred longer with less fatigue. Then the FullBED Cushioning handles the comfort department that will soak up all those vibrations and chatter. Whether you have been riding since childhood or still in the novice state, the Burton Scribe is an awesome option for any lady who loves to ride.


Can the Scribe Bindings be mounted on a traditional board or are they EST? 

These are Burton’s ReFlex Scribe Bindings designed to be compatible with any traditional mounting system. Even if you don’t have a Burton board with the Channel, these bindings are good to go. If you do have a Burton board with the Channel, these can be mounted on it, but for the best performance we recommend the Burton Scribe EST Snowboard Bindings.

Scribe vs. Lexa; what’s the scoop?

Burton’s two best selling women’s bindings each offer something different to different riders. The Scribe is going to be softer and more flexible, while the Burton Lexa will be stiffer, more responsive, and more aggressive. For an experienced rider looking for a more advanced binding, the Lexa will be better. But for a more intermediate rider or somebody who just wants a more cushioned ride and doesn’t mind sacrificing a bit of performance, the Scribe will be great. 

EVA Foam Footboards

Aluminum Buckles

Designed by: Burton // Built By: Burton, China Factory

TLDR: A do-it-all mid flex binding that everyone can appreciate.

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