Burton Larosa Bib Pant // Women's


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Burton Larosa Bib Pant // Women's


Shell Bib Pant // Inner Thigh Vents // Fixed Bib

Membrane: DRYRIDE 2L 10K, 10K 

Bib's are back in, but it's not enough to just take a regular black pair of ski pants, throw some suspenders on them, and call it a day. Burton's bringing the heat this year and designing some bibs that seriously make a statement. Slim fit, full chest pocket, Kick patches over both knees, and even some off-white hits on the belt of the bib let people know that you can shred, but that you're bringing some freaking style with you too.  While we're at it we should probably mention that it has the technical features that you'll need: fully waterproof, Burton's temperature-regulating Living Lining (Sounds like a gimmick, isn't a gimmick), and tons of pocket space. But let's be real, you want to buy this cause it looks freaking sick, we get it, that's why we bought it too. Just pair it with the Larosa Jacket or Larosa Anorak and start turning some heads. 

Slim Fit

5 Pockets

Living Lining

TLDR: A functional ski bib with some louder style. 

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