Burton Burton Genesis EST Snowboard Bindings 2018

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Burton Genesis EST Snowboard Bindings 2018



The King of Shred, The Colossus of Corduroy, The Sultan of Snow are all worthy titles for the Burton Genesis EST Snowboard Bindings. Taking charge a few years back, the Genesis became a household name practically overnight. Built to take advantage of a lightweight frame with tons of power opens up the door for all mountain fun. It has the strength to lay over massive turns with a light as a feather feel to take flight. Unreal Hammocktrap and Supergrip Capstrap secures your boot with perfection that alleviates stress points and maximizes responsiveness. Resting on the EST platform makes mounting a snowboard fun because the options are limitless, so you can now find the stance that works for you. If you're a hard charger who likes power, but is prone to have some fun off the ground the Burton Genesis EST Snowboard Bindings could be your soulmate.

*Burton EST bindings only work with EST compatible boards.


Dual-Component EST - Burton exclusive binding technology that blends short-glass and nylon composite for minimal weight with power. EST maximizes adjustability for endless stance options and lets the board flex naturally without causing flat spots from traditional discs.

The Hinge - Exclusive to Burton EST baseplates. This design has a dynamic flex that works with your legs for increased foot roll, less fatigue, and larger ollies.


Canted Hi-Back - Ergonomic design that accomodates natural forward lean that allows you to adjust forward lean for the perfect fit.

Kickback Hammock - Suspension built into the hi-back increases boot hold and offers unreal smoothness and chatter absorption.

Zero Lean - The ability to get your stance to a perfect 90 degree for those who don't desire forward lean.



Hammockstrap - A stitchless strap that utilizes different material for awesome grab and lots of strength so you feel impressively locked in.

Supergrip Capstrap - Firmer materials provides the skeleton with strength while the softer materials contour to the boot for added comfort and grip.


Double Take Buckles - Helical teeth and "Insta Click" engagement get you in and out faster by using torque more effficiently when strapping in.


AutoCANT SensoryBED - Dual-density EVA cushioning automatically settles your boot into a natural position regardless of stance to increase comfort, reduce fatigue, and more direct board control.

Additional Awesomeness

B3 Gel - Gel pack sits directly underneath the heal for even more cushioning and comfort that absorbs vibration like a champ.

Flex Slider - Ankle strap has the ability to flex and fully open for even entry and exit of the binding.

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