Burton Burton Genesis X EST Snowboard Bindings 2018

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Burton Genesis X EST Snowboard Bindings 2018



The Burton Genesis X EST is the lightweight bomproof binding that will make you become one with the board. Carbon fiber and nylon composite materials come together for a powerhouse binding at a fraction of the weight. Kickback Hammock rests inside the hi-back that not only increases boot hold, but literally behaves like suspension for BMW 7 Series smoothness. As if that isn't enough to maxmize comfort the Genesis X has more exclusive binding tech that won't be found on any other model. SpringBED Cushioning suspends your feet off the board for amplified cushioning and rebound with trampoline like behavior. Strong enough to crush groomers, light enough to get massive air, the Burton Genesis X EST bindings are in full beast mode all the time.

*Burton EST bindings only work with EST compatible boards.


If I don’t have a Burton Channel Snowboard, can I still get the Genesis X Bindings?

Although the EST Genesis X is only compatible with Channel snowboards, the ReFlex Burton Genesis X can be mounted on any snowboard. 

Why would you go with the Genesis X over the Genesis

First reason would be weight. The Genesis X is one of the lightest bindings we’ve ever ridden and is constructed with carbon fibers to keep the weight down. The other reason is that while the Genesis is a very powerful binding, the Genesis X will be even more responsive and powerful, while still maintaining the same amount of outstanding cushioning as the Genesis. 


Dual-Component EST - Burton exclusive binding technology that blends carbon fiber and nylon composite for minimal weight with lots of power. EST maximizes adjustability for endless stance options and lets the board flex naturally without causing flat spots from traditional discs.

The Hinge - Exclusive to Burton EST baseplates. This design has a dynamic flex that works with your legs for increased foot roll, less fatigue, and larger ollies.


Canted Hi-Back - Ergonomic design that accomodates natural forward lean that allows you to adjust forward lean for the perfect fit.

Kickback Hammock - Suspension built into the hi-back increases boot hold and offers unreal smoothness and chatter absorption.

Zero Lean - The ability to get your stance to a perfect 90 degree for those who don't desire forward lean.


NEW Hammockstrap - A stitchless strap that utilizes different material for awesome grab and lots of strength so you always have a strong connection. 

Supergrip Capstrap - Firmer materials provides the skeleton with strength, while the softer materials contour to the boot for added comfort and grip.


Double Take Buckles - Helical teeth and "Insta Click" engagement get you in and out faster by using torque more effficiently when strapping in.


SpringBED Suspension - A trampoline feel underfoot suspends your foot off the board for amplified cushioning and rebound like nothing you have experienced.

Additional Awesomeness

B3 Gel - Gel pack sits directly underneath the heal for even more cushioning and comfort that absorbs vibration like a champ.

Flex Slider - Ankle strap has the ability to flex and fully open for even entry and exit of the binding.

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