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Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard 2020

Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard 2020


Flex: Stiff // Shape: Directional // Profile: Rocker-Camber

Want to float, lay trenches, and still take flight? Sounds impossible, but the Burton Flight Attendant delivers on this preposterous idea. Backseat camber packaged with Balanced Freeride Geometry makes this all mountain charger feel like a true twin. Stance is centered on the sidecut to provide the balance a twin delivers, but that rockered nose is what powder day dreams are made of. The Flight Attendant isn’t the stiffest board out there, but it’s certainly packing a punch when moving at high speed or on edge. Partly because of the Triax Fiberglass, although the Carbon I-Beam that runs from tip to tail definitely adds to the snap and fun. Overall you can crush powder, groomers, trees, and even get airborne. Sounds like some BS, but it’s the straight up truth. Burton knows a thing or two about making epic snowboards and the Burton Flight Attendant is a supreme being for good reason. As Dr. Brule would say...Check It Out!

PS. The Flight Attendant is Burton’s most popular snowboard.


What’s the difference between the Flight Attendant and the Skeleton Key

The Flight Attendant and the Skeleton Key are kind of like that pair of twin brothers you know that are always arguing about which one is older. They’re very similar in a lot of ways, and both going to do really well in big mountain riding. However, there are some subtle differences that set them apart. While both are directional boards with the same amount of taper (10mm), the Skeleton Key is shaped like a true directional board while the Flight Attendant is still going to flex like a twin. This will allow to Skeleton Key to float a bit more in powder. The other minimal difference is that Carbon I-Beam Fiberglass found in the Flight Attendant will make it a bit more stiff and aggressive than the Skeleton Key, once again making the Flight Attendant a bit better for all-mountain riders while the Skeleton Key leans a bit more to the powder guys. But differences are minimal. 

Flight Attendant vs. Burton Custom Flying V vs. Jones Flagship; what’s the scoop?

Compared to the Custom Flying V, the Flight Attendant is going to do better in soft snow and off trail. It will float better in powder and feel a lot lighter than the Custom, making the Flight Attendant great for slashing quick turns between trees. On trail they’ll feel very similar, but the Custom will feel more comfortable riding switch and the added rocker in the Flying V shape will make the Custom more forgiving than the stiffer and more aggressive Flight Attendant. When it comes to stiffness however, the Flagship will have them both beat. Super stiff, the Flagship will have the best grip and be able to ride the fastest of the three, but will also be the heaviest. The Flagship is for the rider who wants the most specialized downhill aggressive board around, and doesn’t mind sacrificing the ability to make quick, nimble turns that make the Flight Attendant great. Finally, the Custom might not do any one thing as well as either, but will be really good at every single thing on the mountain. 

SuperFly 700g Core

Triax Fiberglass with Carbon I-Beams

Designed by: Burton Snowboards // Built by: Kiel-Nindl GMBH, Austria

TLDR: For the rider that wants a board that's good at everything but really excels the second you get into the trees and the side stashes. 

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