Burton Burton Deja Vu Flying V Snowboard 2018 // Women's

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Burton Deja Vu Flying V Snowboard 2018 // Women's



The Burton Deja Vu Flying V Snowboard will make you want to camp out on the slopes and constantly relive your last ride. Your desire to get back out there will always be reminding you of how awesome they day before and they day before that was. Flying V construction takes the punishment out of boarding by creating a catch-free experience that will keep you charging in confidence. Rocker front to back is essential for becoming a queen of the powder with awesome float and maneuverability in the deep stuff. Overbite Frostbite edges creates a serrated edge with more points of contact to maxmize edge hold and grip on the hard stuff. The Deja Vu literally conquers all terrain with an all mountain design that truly delivers. Not too stiff and not too soft puts you in the Goldilocks zone of perfection, leaving you happier and happier each time you ride. The Burton Deja Vu Flying V Snowboard will begin to blur all your days of shredding that will leave you in a constant state of repeating awesomeness.

*EST Compatible Board


What’s the deal with the Flying V shape?

An absolute staple of the snowboard industry for years, Burton’s Flying V shape is their perfect all-mountain balance of rip and float. Rocker in the tip and tail, as well as directly in the center of the board provides a stable ride that feels awesome and will slash off trail, while camber zones directly underfoot provide the power and sharpness directly under your boots, where the power is generated. Rocker/Camber is all the rage these days because of its ability to shred everything, and the Flying V remains the ultimate construction in snowboard shapes for riders looking to hit everything. 

What’s the difference between the Deja Vu and the Burton Feelgood Flying V?

Although they’re both Flying V shapes, the Feelgood is going to be stiffer and more aggressive. The Deja Vu will flex more for a more playful ride, while the Feelgood will carve sharper and offer a less forgiving flex. At higher speeds, the Feelgood will hold the snow harder and feel more stable. If you’re someone who likes to rip and go fast: the Feelgood might be better for you; if you want something softer and more playful: stick with the Deja Vu. 


Flying V - Camber/Rocker/Camber Rocker between and outside of your feet with camber directly underfoot. Nimble and powerful that makes turn initiation super easy with awesome float to match.

The Channel - A channel replaces traditional mounting inserts within the board for free form adjusting that is not restricted by a 3 degree mounting plate. This system also allows the board to flex naturally and reduces overall weight.


FSC Certified Super Fly 700g II Core - A blend of stronger and lighter woods in specific locations that allows the board to have big performance with non of the weight.

Dualzone EDG - Wood grain is positioned perpendicular in two continuous zones at the toe and heel edges for added strength and edge hold.


Twin - Length of board and flex are identical on both ends that makes the Deja Vu great everywhere.

Scoop - Exaggerated tip and tail scooping for a catch-free more forgiving ride on hard snow or deep pow.


Squeezebox - Thicker core sections paired with thinner sections lets the board flex where you want it while maintaining massive pop. 

Triax - Versatile flex that offers power and stability for getting after it anyway you see fit.


Sintered  - Super porous, dense, and durable keeps your board shredding hard all season long.

Overbite Frostbite - An upgrade to Burton's standard Frostbite by adding more points of contact for even more edge hold on hard snow while keeping it catch-free. 

Additional Awesomeness

Infinite Ride - Burton exclusive technology to maxmize pop and strength by overbuilding the board. Then put into a machine that breaks in the board for you, resulting in the same feel season after season.

Pro-Tip - Tapered thickness in the tip and tail to reduce swing weight for easier rotations and overall board control.


While these days pretty much any traditional binding will come with the hardwear to mount on Burton’s Channel System, we reccomend buying a Burton EST binding in order to enjoy all the benefits the Channel offers. 

With a medium-flex board that can shred the whole mountain, you can go in two different directions with your binding. If you want something a bit softer and more forgiving for a more cushioned ride, we reccomend the Burton Scribe EST Bindings. If carving hard and going fast is more your style, pair the Deja Vu with the Burton Lexa EST Bindings for a more responsive setup. 

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