Burton [ak] Baker Hi-Loft Quarter Zip Fleece // Women's


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Burton [ak] Baker Hi-Loft Quarter Zip Fleece // Women's


Quarter Zip Fleece // Softlock Seams

Polartec High Loft + Polartec Power Stretch

Burton's [ak] collection is always where you'll find their most technical, highest-performance gear and the all-new Baker Line shows that it's not limited to just jackets and pants, either. The Baker Fleece combines Polartec High Loft, a super warm and really soft material that will provide warmth and comfort with Polartec Power Stretch. The stretch fabrics are underarm, where you want to have the most freedom of motion. As a result, the whole piece comes together as a combination of your heavier, warmer mid-layers that aren't as conducive to movement, and your thinner, stretchier ones that move well but aren't as warm. 

Slim Fit

1 Pocket

Thumb Loops

TLDR: Super warm, but lighter weight and stretchier than meets the eye. 

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