Burton Avalon Bib Pants // Women's


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Burton Avalon Bib Pants // Women's


Shell // Inner Thigh Vents // Fixed Bib

Membrane: DRYRIDE 2L 10K, 5K 

Strap on those overalls and prepare to dominate the mountain. The Burton Avalon Bib Pants look sick and provide so much protection it'll make your head spin. Burton’s proprietary DryRide weatherproofing stops unwanted water from getting in and lets your sweat escape effortlessly. Plenty of pocket storage with adjustments up the creek lets you dial in the perfect fit regardless of how you layered. Attack those super deep snow stashes without the worry of freezing yourself out, nothing will get in! Top it off with Burton’s Living Liner and the temperature regulates itself. Pores close up when it’s cold and then open up when it’s warm! A perfect balance of weatherproofing, climate control, and style are the 3 key ingredients. It’s time to zip out that annoying powder skirt and get a taste of bib life with the Burton Avalon Bib Pants! 

Slim Fit

5 Pockets

Adjustable Waist

TLDR: Function meets style in the best way possible...seriously, this bib is everything you need in a pair of pants.

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