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Blizzard Black Pearl 98 Skis 2020 // Women's

Blizzard Black Pearl 98 Skis 2020 // Women's


r: 13 meters @ 152 centimeters // weight: 1472 grams @ 152 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

135 - 98 - 119

Blizzard has done away with the Samba and created a series of Black Pearl skis, the Black Pearl is the most popular womens ski by far.  The Black Pearl 98 replaces the Samba, and is improved majorly.  The addition of carbon going from tip to tail add life to the ski and give you the feeling of being able to duck in and out of quicker turns with ease – super helpful for women that want to dabble off trail more.  The all-mountain shape and flex is suitable for 90% of days, if it dumps over a foot, get on a pair of powder skis but for the majority of days most people experience the Black Pearl 98 is a home run for skiers that want a ski that’s not going to beat em up, but can still handle some speed. 

What changed from 2018 to 2019?

Nothing, everything is the same including graphic.

Beech/Poplar Core


Designed by: Blizzard // Built by: Nordica/Blizzard, Austria Factory

TLDR: Need a little more float than the Black Pearl 88, but still want the same feel -- here ya go.

Recommended Binding: The Blizzard Black Pearl 98's do NOT include a binding, the cool skis never do.

Tyrolia Attack 13 or Marker Squire ID

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