Black DiamondBlack Diamond Traverse Ski Poles

Black Diamond Traverse Ski Poles



The Black Diamond Traverse Pole is compact, light weight, and ready for some mountain abuse. Durable enough for the resort and light enough for any back country adventure. If you just picked up a pair of touring skis, you definitely want to consider a pair of poles like this. The Traverse has 40 centimeters of adjustability so you can easily overcome any pitch you come across. Go ahead shorten them up on the steeps and extend them out on your climb down, these poles don’t mind. The light weight aluminum is 16mm in the top and 14mm in the lower section to ensure multi season strength. The touring grip will feel comfortable in your hand with or without gloves and as you climb to steeper pitches you will really like the lightweight grip extensions on the top of the shaft.

These poles come in two different sizes. The smaller size is adjustable from 37 to 57 inches and the longer from 41-61 inches. The shorter poles weigh in at 585 grams and the longer at 600 grams.


16mm Aluminum - The Traverse pole has a 16mm shaft in the upper section.

14mm Aluminum - The lower section is a little bit thinner coming in at 14mm.


Touring Series Grip - This pole gets a touring grip with a fluted interior to keep weight down. The strap is stitched in a way that makes it easy to slip on with gloves. The strap is comprised of light webbing and a plastic ladder-lock buckle. Blow the traditional grip you will find some extra rubber that comes in handy when the conditions get steep.


100mm Powder Baskets - The Traverse poles can hold their own in the fresh stuff thanks to the 100mm (4in) baskets.

Additional Awesomeness

FlickLock Pro - Adjustable poles are nothing without a good adjustment mechanism. The BD FlickLock Pro is the best of the best. You get stainless steel, low profile, and a dual axe for increased clamping power.

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