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Black Diamond Spark Gloves

Black Diamond Spark Gloves 2017 (Gunmetal)Black Diamond Spark Gloves 2017 (Gunmetal)

Black Diamond Spark Gloves


100% Waterproof BD.dry // Goat Leather // 60g Primaloft Gold

The few, the proud, the cuff stuffers. This illustrious group of skiers has spent countless days on the hill perfecting the ability to shred in all weather conditions. No one likes cold wrists - thats where pulling your jacket cuffs over your gloves comes in handy. The Black Diamond Spark Gloves make cuff stuffing a snap thanks to the low profile neoprene cuff. Like a nice set of mechanic's gloves, the Spark gloves secure around your wrist in a snap with a beefy velcro closure. The glove itself is constructed totally of goat leather, which makes it super durable. The first thing you'll notice when you put this glove on is the incredible fit and feel. The second thing that will go through your mind is, “Dang, these must be well over $100 bucks.” You would be wrong. These gloves come in under budget. They are insulated with 60 grams of PrimaLoft Gold and the back of the hand is padded with EVA foam. Throw on a pair of the Spark Gloves and you won’t be able to take them off.

Goat Leather 

60g PrimaLoft Gold 

EVA foam for hand protection

 Neoprene cuff

TLDR: The spark glove looks dope, is waterproof, and a is good value for the price.

$47.97 Orig. $79.95

Save $31.98 for a Limited Time Only!
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