Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS Climbing Skins


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Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS Climbing Skins


If this is your first pair of skins, you can’t go wrong with nylon. The Black Diamond Ascension Nylon STS skins have set the standard for uphill grip which means less kick turns and faster summit times. This year Black Diamond improved the Ascension skins by making them 20% lighter and more packable thanks to a redesigned plush material. All Ascension skins have a tip loop, but not every model has a tail clip. The STS version indicates that a tail clip is present. The tip loop and tail strap are both adjustable if you want to swap out your skins between skis. The tip loop eliminates the need for the traditional fold over method while staying light and efficient. Your skins will need to be cut before use to expose your ski edges and Black Diamond includes a trim tool in the box. Your Ascension skins will also come with a ventilated storage bag and some Black Diamond Cheat Sheets. The Cheat Sheets are a sheet of synthetic mesh that is used during storage to keep your glue fresh. Nylon may not glide as efficiently as other mohair skins, but it will certainly get you up some pretty steep faces.

When selecting the correct skin width, you want it make sure they are equal to or greater than the widest part of your ski. The widest part is usually in the tip and you can generally find this measurement printed in millimeters somewhere on the ski. If your skis are close to a particular size and you are worried about over buying, remember that you will be cutting off roughly 3mm on each side to expose your edges.


The STS denomination from Black Diamond means these skins come with tip loops and tail straps. Both are adjustable to keep your skins securely in place.

Tip Loops - Black Diamond tip loops are adjustable to better fit the full line up of skis in your closet. Simply slide the metal clip out of the way and adjust the tip loop cable.

Tail Straps - BD tails straps are riveted to the skins and the come with reliably strong plastic straps. The provided metal tail clip and be adjusted by moving it into a new slot on the strap. The STS tail straps offer 10 cm of adjustment.


Nylon - The Ascension skins feature a proprietary woven nylon plush that has become the standard for traction in the industry. You will feel comfortable charging up the steepest skin tracks and thanks to the longer flatter fibers, you will glide effortlessly in the flats. These skins have been redesigned to be lighter and pack better than previous versions.


Gold Label - The BD Gold Label glue leads the industry with an exceptional long lasting performance. The ever improving formula works well in a wide range of temperatures and season after season. This gold label glue is applied to all Ascension skins in house at Black Diamond.


The Ascension Nylon STS skins weigh in at 750 grams or 1Lb and 10 oz.

Additional Awesomeness

Bikini Style Tail - Black Diamond made these skins 20% lighter by improving the material and also cutting out unnecessary surface area in the tail that creates drag.

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