Atomic Vantage 86 C Skis 2020

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Atomic Vantage 86 C Skis 2020


r: 18.2 meters @ 173 centimeters // weight: 1530 grams @ 173 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

123 - 86 - 106

Test Locations: Pico VT

Same name as the Vantage line, but the 86 gets toned down construction-wise to make it more suitable for beginners/intermediates who are looking to upgrade from rental skis but still not experts yet on the hill. The Vantage 86 will absolutely take you there, with a really light construction that makes turning and keeping your skis together super easy. It's still has a full sidewall construction so it's still built like a "real" ski, just designed to be one that's more suitable for less aggressive or lighter weight skiers. 

Poplar Core

Carbon Mesh

Designed by: Atomic // Built by: Atomic, Austria Factory

TLDR: A ski that will make any progressing skier stoked. 

Recommended Binding: The Aromic Vantage 86s do NOT include a binding, awesome skis never do. 

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