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Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130 Tech GW Ski Boots 2021

Atomic Hawx Ultra XTD 130 Tech GW Ski Boots 2021


Flex: 130 // weight: 1420 grams @ 26.5 centimeters // 98 mm last @ 26.5

ISO 9523 // Tech Inserts

There is a new breed of Alpine Touring ski boots on the market, boots that are being produced by race heritage brands like Tecnica, Atomic and Nordica that ski great going down but give you all the range of motion and grip you need for the ascent while being lightweight.  The Atomic Ultra XTD 130 is the narrowest of the bunch providing the most precise fit at 98 mm.  Maybe you’re thinking about switching out of your race boots into something that you're able to tour in, or you want a lightweight compliment that will descend really, really well.  In order to enjoy a day out in the backcountry your feet need to feel good, luckily Atomic makes darn good fitting boots, the Hawx ultra XTD 130 is no different sharing the same shell mold as the Ultra 130.  Get up get out and get something.


What is the big difference between the Ultra XTD 130 and Ultra XTD 120?

  1. The XTD 130 includes the Platinum Liner has 3 moldable zones the third being the tongue. The XTD 120 included the Gold Liner no moldable tongue – not a big deal.
  2. Color

What changed from 2020 - 2021?

Color and replaceable toes and heels. Wear out the soles on your 2020's, time for new boots. On your 2021's time for new soles.

Grilamid Shell + Grilamid Cuff

2 Piece Overlap

Designed by: Atomic // Built by: Atomic, Romania

How's the Fit: It's sister mold is the Ultra, if that fits there is no reason the Ultra XTD would not.  More precise than the Cochise 130 without as much pressure on the instep.

Binding Compatibility: 9523 compatible bindings, Tech Inserts


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