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Armada Stage Suspenders



No matter how high or low you like to wear your pants the Armada Stage Suspenders are up for the challenge. These bad boys have plenty of  room for adjustment and are easy enough to adjust on the fly. Pick your favorite color and you'll be stoked when you pair them up with your favorite ski pants.


Pants Holding Technology - Armada's (no-so-patented) pants holding technology is guaranteed to keep your pants up. I know what you're thinking -- "Man, I can never keep my pants from falling down." Well worry no more, the Armada PHT will keep your pants up and let you look good doing it.


The extra thick printed elastic material won't dig into your shoulders no matter how high you wear your pants. (But we both know too high wont be a problem.)


Not quite as much money as a full lift kit, but these suspenders could keep your pants riding higher than a Jeep on 33 in. Super Swampers. We know you will be more interested in a low sag, so feel free to consider these like a new set of air bags on your buddy's VW.

Additional Awesomeness

It hasn't been 100% verified yet, but word on the street is that Armada offers an unconditional suspended guarentee on these bad Larrys. Send it...

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