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Armada Declivity X Skis 2022

Armada Declivity X Skis 2022


r: 22.5 meters @ 185 centimeters // weight: 2250 grams @ 185 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

137 - 115 - 130

Test Locations: Somewhere in the Utah Backcountry, Aspen CO

A lot of pow skis are designed with a progressive design, not directional.  Personally I prefer directional skis in all waist widths -- that sounded weird.  @steveisdope (Boston customer, dope dude) asked time after time if I'd skied the Declivity X yet, he heard it's sick best pow ski ever and it wasn't until mid February I had an answer.  The people who said it's the best pow ski ever, know there stuff -- the Declivity X is legit the best pow ski I've skied.  It's not clunky feeling, it has a predictable amount of pop and can handle the not perfect snow too.  It's for a hardcharger, it's for dudes that can ski, it's for shredding pow, use it for that.

Hybrid Caruba

Titanal + Triaxial glass

Designed by: Armada // Built by: Atomic, Austria Factory

TLDR: Shred pow.

Recommended Binding: The Armada Declivity X's  do NOT include a binding, the dope skis never do.

Marker Griffon ID with 120 mm brake


Select Length (cm)
  • 185

  • 192

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