Armada ARW 86 Skis 2020 // Women's

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Armada ARW 86 Skis 2020 // Women's


r: 17 meters @ 163 centimeters // weight: 1600 grams @ 163 centimeters // Rocker-Camber-Rocker

114 - 86 - 108

You don't just see a groomer, you see the little lip on the side, you don't see a trails merging, you see an opportunity to become airborne, you see the mountain differently.  The mountain and a trail is whatever you want to be, there is no right and no wrong, ski forwards or backwards or just slide sideways before jumping off a knoll.  The ARW 86 is designed to do whatever a woman wants it to.  While its a very playful feeling ski you can still carve a mean turn down your favorite icey run and it hangs pretty well with it's 86 mm waist when the snow gets soft.  The ARW 86 is an option women haven't had yet, bout time.  

Poplar/Ash Core

AR75 Sidewall

Designed by: Armada // Built by: Blizzard/Nordica, Austria Factory

TLDR: Lightweight, playful, and super fun for the casual skier who likes groomers or wants to play in the park.

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