Arcteryx Rho LT Bottom


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Arcteryx Rho LT Bottom


Base Layer Pant // Flatlock Seams

Material: Torrent - 84% Polyester, 16% Elastane

Everyone needs a good pair of leggings, and this pair is about as good as it gets. The brushed polyester material is really comfortable and there's enough stretch that everything allows for super easy movement without feeling restricted anywhere. These will wick moisture away well, so it'll keep you from overheating on spring days or when the heart rate gets up, and they're honestly versatile enough that you could wear them under shorts for winter runs. Also the tiny zippered pocket on the right leg is a freaking great feature. 

Athletic Fit

175 grams

Right Thigh Pocket with Zipper

TLDR: Just a great pair of leggings, what more do you want?

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