Arcteryx Rho AR Zip Neck // Women's


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Arcteryx Rho AR Zip Neck // Women's


Insulated Fleece // Flatlock Seams

Material: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane

The Rho AR Zip Neck is arguably the warmest base layer Arcteryx’s makes, and as a result can easily be used as a mid-layer as well. The athletic next to skin fit won’t feel uncomfortably bulky when you layer it up, and Arcteryx has tagged in Polartec to make this slick piece out of their Power Stretch fleece for maximum warmth. This fleece has 10% elastane so it is super stretchy and comfortable. The inside of the fleece is soft and warm against the skin but the outside has a hard face so it doesn’t attract pet hair and pile up. We love the deep zip because it helps shed heat quick and the small zippered chest pocket is the perfect place to keep your cell phone warm so it doesn’t die before lunch.

Athletic Fit

PolarTec Power Stretch 

1 Pocket

TLDR: Fits like a baselayer, warm enough to use as a mid-layer. 

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