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Anon WM3 MFI Goggles // Women's

Anon WM3 MFI Goggles // Women's


Anon has dominated the ski/snowboard goggle market in the last few years, especially with their M Series of goggles using seamless magnetic technology. The quality of the lenses in second to none, with outstanding contouring of the mountain and a huge field of vision that allows you to see everything even under variable light conditions. Where Anon stole the show, however, is their use of magnets to swap the lenses of the goggles in and out. Giro and Smith both also a similar magnetic lens swap system, but no disrespect to either of their options, the Anon system is the easiest to use. No awkward peeling or faulty tiny plastic levers, you just push the lend and it pops directly out, hold the lens near the frame and it snaps into place perfectly, it's hands down the best system.

Tech Specs:

  • Frame Size: Medium
  • Spare Lens: Yes
  • Quick Change: Yes
  • Notable Features: Includes MFI Facemask // MAGNA-TECH® lens system // No-slip silicone strap // Hydrophobic and oleophobic lens coating


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Women's-specific design thats an efficient and effective option for lens changing on the fly with a comfortable fit and fantastic field of view.

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