Anon WM1 Goggle w/ Spare Lens // Women's

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Anon WM1 Goggle w/ Spare Lens // Women's


Two Lenses // Size: Medium // OTG Compatible: Yes

Spare lenses are all the rage these days and it’s easy to see why. Keep the darker lens in for bluebird days with heavy sun, and then swap it out for the additional clear lens when the clouds slide in and visibility goes down. With Anon’s goggles though, that swap is made super easy and convenient with magnet technology that allows you to pop your lens in and out simply and easy with magnets. Plus the shape of the lens is specifically designed to mimic the exact curvature of the human eye - increasing your peripheral vision in the goggles. With the ease of magnets, huge range of vision, and the pillow-like comfort of triple layer face foam, the WM1 Goggles are a proven winner. 

Wall-to-Wall Vision

Full Perimeter Venting

Magna Tech

TLDR: The most efficient and effective option for lens changing on the fly with a comfortable fit and fantastic field of view.

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