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If you're in the Boston area and looking to get your skis or snowboard mounted, waxed or tuned -- we got you covered. All of our services are completed during your appointment slot (max 2 skis or boards per appointment slot). Book your service appointment here.

Servicing skis is more than just putting a pair of skis over a belt or across an edger.  We tune every snowboard or pair of skis specifically to your riding/skiing style and current snow conditions at your go-to mountain.  

So what happens when you work with a shop that takes the time to ask a few more questions?

You get a ski that is perfectly tuned for YOU.  

Have 4 sets of skis that you use for different things: Race, Powder, All-Mountain, Park?

I guess that means we're doing a tune that's a little different for each pair of skis - the difference is amazing!  All of us top shops around the country use the same Montana machines, that allow us to do amazing things to the bases and edges.  Catering to you, instead of just doing a generic tune on everything that comes through the shop is what really sets The Ski Monster Boston apart from other shops.    

Ski Edge Sharpening, sparks flying

Ski Belt grinding, montana machine

ski stone grinding on montana machine

Not sure how often your skis or board should be tuned: Read this post.

Ski Boot Fitting:

We wouldn't be a full service ski shop without having great bootfitters on staff.  Our approach to bootfitting is making sure you are happy.  A major piece of getting your ski boots to perform the way you want is to make sure your feet are warm, dry and comfortable in the boots.   With four Master Bootfitters on staff and a combined ski boot fitting experience of 25+ years we know how to remedy any existing issue or any issue that may arise with your boots.  

This boot stretcher helps us out quite a bit too!

Boston Custom Ski Boot Fitting, strectching, grinding

Our bootfits are guaranteed. PERIOD.

How Ski Boots are supposed to fit.


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