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Weston Backcountry is a smaller company based in Colorado that has managed to put together a killer lineup of snowboards. We've had the pleasure of testing a number of their snowboards over the years and have been seriously impressed, enough to carry a handful of models that make sense for our local customers here in Boston, as well as some for the powder hounds traveling to find the best snow they can. This February brought about a really cool opportunity where myself, Dylan, and Matt were able to head to Colorado to track down some powder for ourselves. If you know anything about Weston, you'll know that while they are a smaller company, they're serious about building great snowboards and riding great snow. They also have one of the coolest ways of getting to this great snow...a little something called a Tucker Sno-Cat. It's a 1979 Sno-Cat equipped with a roof rack for gear, tracks capable of climbing up basically anything, and nothing but good times inside the cabin.

Weston Tucker Sno Cat

We met up with Cole, Ben, Nate, and the rest of the crew at Weston's shop in Minturn, CO to grab boards for the next couple of days. The Hatchet and Backwoods were my weapons of choice, and Dylan opted for a Backwoods as well. Once we had our gear figured out we made our way up the road to where we'd be staying for the week. Weaving through some mountains brought us to a tall green bridge where we took a sharp left and found ourselves in a tiny town known as Red Cliff. Cole got us situated at the charming Green Bridge Inn where we unpacked, set up our boards for the following day, and got ready for dinner. Dinner was about thirty steps away at Mango's Mountain Grill where townies flock, late night tattoos are inked, and we prepare for cat-skiing by eating wings and drinking margs. 

The snow started falling shortly after dinner and didn't really let up for the remainder of our trip. The next couple of days were spent riding as much pow as possible. Taking a vintage snowcat into the Colorado backcountry to ride powder was nothing short of awesome and for sure one of the coolest ways to go snowboarding. Check it out.

TSM x Weston - NeilTSM x Weston - Dylan

TSM x Weston - NeilTSM x Weston - NeilTSM x Weston - Neil

TSM x Weston - BenTSM x Weston - Ben

TSM x Weston - Cole

TSM x Weston - NeilTSM x Weston - Neil

TSM x Weston - NeilTSM x Weston - NeilTSM x Weston - Neil and Dylan

TSM x Weston - Neil and Dylan

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