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Top Tested Snowboards of 2022

Posted November 10, 2021 @ 9:26am | by Neil Soucy

New gear is here and we couldn’t be more stoked on the curated lineup of boards that we’ve put together for the 21-22 season. Starting back in January we made weekly trips North in an effort to ride as many snowboards as we could, putting each one through its paces before handpicking which ones make it on the showroom floor in our Downtown Boston Store for this season.

We tested boards from a variety of manufacturers and covered a broad spectrum of board shapes, flexes, styles and many other factors. It’s through this testing that we are able to narrow down the abundance of options out there, get rid of some of the noise, and bring you the boards that make the most sense for you. The reality is not all snowboards are created equal, some are truly better than others for different riders. Amongst the boards that we decide to bring into our store for your enjoyment, there are always a few standouts, the very best of the best.

Here they are, the Top 5 Snowboards of the 2022 season. Our test season was made up of all sorts of conditions, terrain, and riders...these boards continued to impress all season long and kept us stoked from our first frigid day at the start of January until we rode them straight into the muddy Mt. Sunapee parking lot in April. Here’s how they stack up against one another followed by a deeper dive into each model.

TSM Top Tested Snowboards of 2022


Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero

Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero Snowboard

We’re three seasons in at this point with the Hometown Hero from Burton’s Family Tree line and it is still one of the best snowboards we’ve ridden. This board has found a home in my personal quiver and gets more use than anything else. It feels plenty confident on a hard packed groomer linking some carves together with power out of each turn, but still feels quick and nimble through tight trees and bumps. Slide off trail for some side hits or powder turns and you’ll feel like a rockstar.


Jones Ultra Mind Expander

Jones Ultra Mind Expander Snowboard

Jones bridges the gap here between a powder shaped snowboard and something that can absolutely hold its own as an all-mountain ripper. The Ultra Mind Expander takes a somewhat typical pow board shape and adds a fair amount of camber underfoot and stiffens up the flex. The result is a board that is tons of fun on a deep snow day, but also loves to arc a turn and can keep up when you decide to step on the gas. Riders who are on the hunt for powder will love the way this board gets them to that highly sought after fluffy stuff in confidence and floats with ease when they find it.


K2 Excavator

K2 Excavator Snowboard

The Excavator is a brand new model for K2 and made the cut for our Top 5 in its debut season, this board is a ton of fun! The short-fat style shape allows you to ride this board a little shorter than your typical all-mountain board which makes it super nimble off trail whether that be in tight New England trees or in a wide open pow field. Oftentimes boards in the same category start to get a little nervous as the speed increases, the Excavator has no problem making high speed carves and then jumping right into the woods for some pow slashes.


Ride Psychocandy

Ride Psychocandy Snowboard

What started as a womens only model is now a unisex board and we’re stoked, the Psychocandy is a board that anyone and everyone can shred! It is a directional snowboard that can be ridden a little shorter than normal while still remaining stable when you need it to. A medium flex gives the Psychocandy a more playful feel that is fun all over the mountain. Should you get into some deeper snow or want to make some shorter turns, the setback stance and taper lets the board float easily and turn on a dime. While it is most fun in soft snow, slush, or making quick slashes...the Psychocandy is highly capable in a variety of terrain and hangs with the best of them, this board is a blast. 


Burton Yeasayer Flying V // Women’s

Burton Yeasayer Flying V Snowboard // Women's

The Yeasayer Flying V has been a staple for Burton for some years now and with good reason. Camber under each foot with a rocker section in the middle makes the Yeasayer Flying V super nimble and easy to turn while offering enough grip for slightly harder packed conditions. Versatility is the key factor here, Burton has found an ideal balance of stability and maneuverability that pairs up perfectly with most riders and their riding styles.


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