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The Best Summer Accessories

Posted June 7, 2013 @ 1:22pm | by Beau Schwab

It’s June 2013 which means its summer time. What better time than now to upgrade your gear? I’m not talking about skis and snowboards and all that hard goods junk. I’m talking about freshening up on your headgear, don’t worry this will be better than a trip to the dentist’s office in Jr. high, I promise.

As an avid collector of cranial accessories, mostly in the sunglasses and hats categories, I have taken the liberty upon myself to inform the users of the world wide web of two brands/pieces that have changed my summer time head game forever. Note: these styles WILL follow me to winter without question. Timeless? Probably not. Forever Rad? Sure. a company birthed only last year. Has exploded onto the skiing and snowboarding scene with their radically painted and decorated high-test frames. These shades actually double as certified safety glasses…I think. Honestly these things are so rad they should come with a safety handbook on how to tame these snake charmers. Don’t be a fool and show up to the next back yard fiesta or wakeboard session without a pair!

Hats are cool, Flat Brims, Fitted, Snap Backs, Trucker Hats, Beer Hats and Party Hats. There’s a hat for every occasion. Lets face it, summer time is a constant occasion from memorial day to labor day, to treat it otherwise could mean a loss in potential epicness which is exactly why you need a Floral Snapback from Salt Lake City’s, Discrete began cleverly dropping these frenzied florals a few weeks ago via instagram #floralfridays. Also, newly added to the line up from Discrete are the famed 5 panels, complete with a classic leather strap.

Keep an eye out this afternoon for Discretes latest fashions on their instagram feed @discreteclothing

Summer time is awesome, time to make it epic.
The Ski Monster

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