November 2013: Killington VT

Posted November 12, 2013 @ 9:42am | by Alex Whitney

Boston to Killington, Road trip

No, we have not yet received our first dump of the winter, and no, your favorite mountain is not yet open in its entirety, but yes, it is already worth the trip to ski country here in New England.

Vermont Route 4, Killington

Friday, I opened my 2013/14 ski season. I felt pretty good about this until a Killington, VT local with whom I shared my first gondola ride told me he was on day 9. As a new resident of Boston, MA, I have never felt further from the topographical environment that affords me the greatest joy. The mountains have always felt like home, but life and circumstance are factors which often limit our ability to do what we love, with the frequency, and regularity we would prefer. This time of year it can be tough to recall what it was that got us out of bed so many times last season before sunrise on our day off, after a late night, to make a 300 mile round trip to ski country. Work, stress, and cerebral fatigue (hangovers), are what separate many skiers from skiing. Is it not skiing though, which separates us as skiers from work, stress, and cerebral fatigue (not necessarily hangovers).

This time of year, it is very much a local vibe at Killington Mountain, VT. Out-of-towners can get along just fine by keeping in mind that they are guests on a mountain occupied by passionate, resident, winter sportsmen. On Friday, the de-icing process was to have the K1 Gondola on hold until an estimated 11:00am. Arriving @ 9 O’clock with time to kill turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This led me to the discovery of renowned house favorite The Bloody Mattie, named after the man trusted to assemble this vitamin rich concoction in original local fashion. Two of these are the recommended maximum intake, though responsibility is more easily preached than practiced. At 10:53am, with belly to bar, a shot of adrenaline permeated my vascular system as I watched the first ski and snowboard laden gondola car of the day climb past the K1 lodge. It was time to open my 2013/14 season. “Here we go baby”, I said aloud in my best Dick Vitale impersonation.

Dick Vitale Meme

In the city, it won’t feel like ski season until you witness your first shouting match over a snow encased parking spot. Although Turkey Day is just a couple of weeks away, as a result of high population density and an over abundance of asphalt here in Boston, it is still comfortable to be outside in shorts and a t-shirt in the early afternoon. However, thanks to the hard work of snow making crews in the altitude-privileged areas of the New England North Country, day trip skiing is already within the realm of possibility. Early season skiing is something to take advantage of as the science of snowmaking continues to progress, and turns are cheap this time of year due to the availability of promotional lift tickets from Killington and others. Get a tune put on your boards, set your alarm for sunrise, get up north, and get some!!

Ski Monster Killington Report

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