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Beginning in March the question 'What do you guys do in the Summer?' really starts ramping up, come April it's asked dozens of times per hour the store is open.  Sometimes the question is followed up with 'You know what you should do, sell (insert niche sporting gear of choice)'... 

The question is sometimes asked with a condescending smug look, or a jaunty type attitude… On the flipside, the question is also sometimes asked out of general concern for our well being, and will immediately be followed up with some out-of-left field (that’s a baseball reference) solution to the perceived problems that are apparently leading to our seasonal demise…


What if I just randomly walked into your workplace with my boy Tommy O’(insert any irish last name) from Boston and with an aggressive looking grin I was like, “What does your office do for money outside of the 9 to 5, Monday thru Friday?”, Or “This seems like a pretty big office to only be open for 40 hours a week?”, Or “Wow, this is a really nice building how much do you guys pay in rent?”... And before you can even answer, I’m tapping big Tommy on the shoulder and pointing at you with a giant get-a-load-of-this-guy smirk on my face…

I’m sorry, I went a little off the rails there. BUT as you can tell by my excitability in the last few sentences, you should now have a better understanding of how often and recurring the now infamous question is asked. 

“What do you guys do in the summer?” 

The truth is that summer time here in Boston is pretty friggin’ awesome! And while we appreciate all of the curiosity and/or concerns, we want to continue to stick to what we're good at and that is skiing and snowboarding and all that goes along with it. Summer is short, we have about 3 months to have a little fun doing non-ski things... In addition to getting everything online for your reading/ski-porn pleasure, we are also getting product ready for purchase both in-store and on the web. 

Georgeohh on the backside // Dylan looking like a weirdo behind Neil // Gainz don't sleep

Doubles, if you haven't done it, do it -- way too much fun // The Man, The Kid (Self-Proclaimed), The Legend -- The Big AP

the ski monster summer blog axis boat wake surf

Me looking way cooler in a hoodie than Dylan.

beer summer wake surf minnesota

2 Iconic Midwest Beers Mich Golden and Todd the Axe Man // Dylan, Me -- SUP!

summer theskimonster boston ski skiing

Testing // Punching // Mounting

ski skiing boston freeski shipping theskimonster snowboard

Cardboard companies kill it, ferr sure.

the ski monster, freeski, powder, ski, skiing

The freight elevator decides to stop working mid-delivery. Pretty standard operating procedure here @ TSM.

summer, the ski monster, ski, skiing, freeski, snowboard, winter

CJ handles every piece of merchandise inbound and outbound // More cardboard

summer, golf, the ski monster, boston, spring, fore, white claw

I sank that putt // Georgeohh probably hit it in the woods

website, office, work, summer, the ski monster, skiing, snowboarding, ski helmet

This is where the internet is created.

office, work, website, product, the ski monster, boston, summer, 2020

boot fitting, ski boots, summer, ski, skiing, my feet hurt

Ski Boots - They're what we are known for, and the reason people from Boston and beyond keeping coming thorugh the doors of 60 Canal Street.

ski, skiing, freeski, summer, boston, construction, 2020

Craig did a little building and tearing down, RIP my old office.

ski rack, skiing, the ski monster, buildout, basement, 2020

Ski rack version 3.0. The basement space feels like it's always evolving.

the ski monster, boston, retail, skiing, we are skiing

photoshoot, roof top, pool, summer, ski boots, swimming, boston

Freeskier Ad shoot. NBD. // Haters will say it's a green screen.

Craig calmly contemplating the meaning of life (he currently just had triplets). 

mountain biking, mountain, trees, nature, woods, bike, biking, boston, summer, the ski monster

The squad at Russell Mill/Billerica

bike, biking, mountain biking, summer, crew, team, the ski monster, fun

Some people wear fanny packs. // Some people wear backpacks. // Some people wear fluorescent laced high top Nikes.

mountain bike, summer, nature, woods, trees, massachusetts, the ski monster,

CJ, Neil, Georgeohh // Brady with the big smile to rock slab.

white claw, truly, we are winter, drinks, drinking, apres, mountain biking, the ski monster

Truly amazing.

drinks, apres, tequila, minnesota, summer, biking, red raven, mountain, the ski monster, skiing

Neil did land it for those wondering.

mullet, haircut, gumby, summer, the ski monster, boston, massachusetts, skiing, winter, ski, skiing, 2020

Dylan at 35, more flexible than Neil at 23. // George's Big Cut #HairByShaun

summer, infographic, truly, white claw, the ski monster, ski, skiing, ski boots, boston

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