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Atomic Automatic Ski Review

Posted February 27, 2012 @ 1:52pm | by George Michaelsen

2012-2013 Atomic Automatic SkisThe all new 2012-2013 Atomic Automatic Skis might have you reconsidering what an all-mountain ski is supposed to be.  The Automatic, Sage Cattabriga Alosa's answer to freeride, measures in at 141-117-130.  You might be thinking to yourself that I'm crazy calling this an all-mountain ski with dimensions like that and a rockered tip and tail, but believe me this ski RIPS!  

Click into your bindings and the first thing you'll notice about this 186cm wide waisted ski is how light it is.  It's ultra lightweight construction might have you thinking that the ski is going to be chattery and loose on the harder snow... But it won't be, the ski is an absolute rip stick that you can give everything you got screaming down the mountain and it won't let go.  Most skis that grip this well at speed on hardpack feel clunky or planky in the woods, not the Automatic.  The Automatic being so light with the perfect amount of rocker in the tip and tail is extremely agile in tighter trees and floats effortlessly through the pow and crud.  

Eric, Beau and myself were skiing this ski at the same time and after our 2nd run, Beau looks over to me and says "What's the point in having two skis?".  If you love to ski the entire mountain and to ski a pair of boards like you stole em; The Atomic Automatic is the ski for you and all you will need.

Atomic Automatic Review aka The Bottom Line: The Atomic Automatic is a ski for the person that loves to charge down anything and everything, and doesn't want to feel limited at anytime by the ski.  This energetic pair of skis can handle whatever you throw at them, and handle it well; Steeps, Trees, Cliffs, Powder and Ripping Groomers.

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