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Outdoor Retailer: 2021 Snowboard Gear Preview

Posted April 3, 2020 @ 10:56am | by Jack Worth

Getting a glmpse of next season's gear is a nice perk of the job. Getting to test the boards, bindings, and boots is even better. In some ways you feel like Mathew McConaughey in Interstellar, you're seeing the future, yet you're living it. As the season finshes we are gung ho on all the sick gear tested and are way too eager to get back after it. To fill the tough gap between winter's end till first snowfall this 2021 gear preview is your anti-depressant until it's showtime. 

Jones Snowboards is looking clean with proven winners and the new Stratos that performs as good as it looks. A freeride phenom that floats better than that pink flamingo pool float, shreds like John Cena, and carves finer than Salt Bae. Stratosphere eupheria.

Jones Snowboards 2021 - Frontier - Stratos - Youth Solution - Womens Solution

These boards live up to the expectations. Jones Mind Expander won our hearts over.

Jones Shaped Snowboards - Storm Chaser - Mind Expander - Ultra Mind Expander - Mountain Surfer

Ride Snowboards executed a full binding overhaul. Every single binding is NEW! 2021 testing squad was stoked across the board.

Ride Snowboard Bindings 2021 Preview

Ride has got that black and white theme dialed better than Ansel Adams. 

Ride Snowboards 2021 Preview

New H4 BOA upgrade gives Ride boots Ironman durabilty.

Ride Snowboard Boots 2021 Preview

Lasso this Lasso Pro when you see it cause these puppies are gonna be gone. 

Ride Lasso Pro Snowboard Boots 2021

Tiger King ain't got nothing on Capita. These boards are more popular and straight fire.

Capita Snowboards 2021 Preview

That Capita Mercury is hotter than the actual planet...800˚F to be specific.

Capita Snowboards 2021 Preview

Neverending Story inspired.

Union Falcor Snowboard Bindings 2021

Colors, colors, colors.

Union Strata Snowboard Bindings 2021

Salomon steez for 2021. 

Salomon Snowboard Boots 2021 Preview

WAH GWAN!. New Salomon Dancehaul is putting irie vibes in the air.

Salomon Dancehaul Snowboard 2021

Little wine tasting.

Salomon Kiana 2021

Take in all that freshness. Especially that womens Rumble Fish smack dab in the middle. So sick!

Salomon Snowboards 2021

K2 is dropping the New K2 Clicker X boot binding combo. Waaaaayyyyyy better than the previous K2 Clicker.

k2 Clicker X 2021

K2 Snowboards always looking good. Manifest (fourth from left) and Instrument (fifth from left) are freeride monsters for the chargers out there.

K2 Snowboards 2021 

The iconic K2 Maysis got a face lift for 2021 and stil reigns at the top. 

K2 Maysis Snowboard Boots 2021

Flamingos anyone?

K2 Formula Snowboard Bindings 2021

Always winter, Never Summer, both work for me.

Never Summer Snowboards 2021

Skate Tech is legit. Now Bindings has got something figured out.

Now Bindings 2021

Hell YES ladies.

Yes Snowboards 2021

Yes Snowboards....Yes please!

Yes Snowboards 2021


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