The winter of 2018 was simply awesome! The East got crushed, then eventually the West got dumped on, and Canada...well it’s always awesome in Canada. Unfortunately right now it’s Africa hot outside with a constant temp of 95 degrees and all we want to do is go shredding. The good news is we got the sneak peak on all the sick snowboarding gear for the 2019 season! Crank that AC to the max and let the cold air take get you into a winter state of mind!

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This is going to recap all of the dopest stuff hitting that market for 2018/19 season. We got new shapes, new designs, and updated graphics! This should quench the pallete until the snow acutally begins to fly….enjoy!

Never Summer Board Preview 2019

Never Summer...what more needs to be said...except the beasts are BACK! The West, Type Two, and Funslinger...can something look too awesome?

Never Summer Snowboard Preview 2019

Lots of new fire for to feast on! Winter is coming! Sidenote, Shaper Series is looking super sick for 2019!

Capita Snowboard Preview 2019

The Spring Break series from Capita is crushing it once again. Tree Hunter or Mini Tree Hunter...the choice is yours, or just go for it with the Nighthawk...SEND IT!

Capita Snowboard Preview 2019

Arguably the two most notable boards produced by Capita’s Mothership. The Defenders of Awesome, aka the undefeated champion of the Good Wood Award, and the Mercury with a brand new core!

Union Snowboard Bindings 2019 Preview

Union Bindings take the meaning of lightweight to a new level...prepare for taekoff!

Ride Snowboard Boots Preview 2019

Ride Snowboards always delivering the best. Single Boa, Double Boa, or Traditional Lace...whatever you choose your feet will be STOKED! The beer looks good too...

Ride Snowboard Bindings Preview 2019

Infinity chasis anyone? Super light and indestructable. The Capo is the supreme being of the lineup.

K2 Snowboards Preview 2019

The revamped K2 lineup is bringing so much fire to the table it might burn your eyes if you look at it too long. Just look at those topsheets….Hot Sizzle!

K2 Snowboarding Boots 2019 Preview

From super soft to super stiff, K2 snowboard boots have got a little something for the park lapper to freeride extraordinaire. Shout out to the Maysis!

K2 Snowboard Bindings 2019 Preview

Matte finish perfection with a splash of carbon. K2 killing it per the usual.

Jones Snowboards 2019 Preview

As Outkast would put it...”So fresh and so clean”. Jones is the freeride powerhouses of snowboarding that ALWAYS delivers in the gnarliest terrain.

Lib Tech Snowboards Preview 2019

Marvelous Mervin Manufacturing...from Skunk Apes to T. Rice Pros, the options are endless with Lib Tech!

GNU Snowboards Preview 2019

The retro style on the GNU Riders Choice has so much Dazed and Confused steez it’s almost impossible not to own.

Now Bindings Preview 2019

Rethink Your Ride is the real deal. Now Bindings Skate Tech is legit and from toe cap to highback these bindings are top notch!

2019 season is jsut around the bend and the stoke is real. El Nino, La Nina, or whatver else you want to call it. Snow is coming and it’s going to be sick...everyone get ready!

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