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Posted March 22, 2017 @ 5:25pm | by George Michaelsen

There is a whole lot of awesome for 2017/2018 ski season.  As I’m writing this post on March 22nd 2017, we’ve skied on most of this gear below from Sugarloaf ME all they way to Revelstoke and a bunch of great zones in between.  The biggest thing in skis for 2018 is less vibration on variable snow or on harder pack conditions, especially for skis over 100 mm in the waist.  Skis are skiing better than ever and the same goes for the alpine touring category, boots with uphill capability are skiing well going down too – what an idea!

Even in 2018 there isn’t one ski that does it all, a few do a lot really well, but if you want to have every condition covered and be able blown away by the performance of the ski you’re going to need a few pairs of skis.

The most eye catching ski for 2018 and maybe ever is the surf board inspired Blizzard’s Spur.  

Blizzard Black Pearl Ski Series 2018

See ya later Samba and Cheyenne, hello Black Pearl 98 and 78. 

DPS Wailer Series 2018 Alechemist Construction

Peace out Pure3 and hello Focal Banger, I mean Heady Topper, ahhhh I mean Alchemist.  The Alchemist construction is still carbon but is tuned a bit more than the previous skis, so they won’t vibrate and chatter out as much on harder snow.  PS. The Wailer A106 aka the blue one, is one of our favorite skis.

Line Sick Day 88, 94, 104, 114  2018

The Sick Day’s have been overhauled! If you thought they weren’t chargey enough before, well, now they are.  Rocker and taper in the tail allow you to slash just like you loved on the first gen, now you can just grip a little better.  Make the mountain your beach.  

Marker Grip Walk Ski Bindings

Squire goes Grip Walk following in the Griffon’s foot steps.  The bindings still accept regular DIN soles but also accomodate; Grip Walk, Alpine Touring and honestly WTR will work in them too.  If you’re going to be in the market for ski boots in the coming years and don’t want to have to replace your skis, Marker ID bindings are the way to go.  

Dalbello Lupo Ski Boots 2018

The Lupo series is expanding, and they’ll even click into those Marker ID bindings that you just scrolled past.  

Fischer My Ranger Ski Series 2018

You see images of the Men’s Fischer Ranger’s almost constantly on our Social feeds, so here’s the women’s line up, it’s lit fam.

Liberty Skis 2018 Line up

The surfy feeling Liberty skis are some of the most eye catching and still some of the best soft snow skis you can find.  

K2 Pinnacle Ski Series 2018

K2 completely revamped the Pinnacle series.  They still have a lot of rocker in them but man can they rip a turn, they don’t feel like K2’s have felt like in the past – they are built to rip!

Atomic Vantage Skis 2018

Interesting Vantage point of a ski that can give you an advantage.  

Armada Tracer Skis 2018

Tracer, a lighter weight ski that tours well and holds well in the choppy waters that any slope tends to get. 

Armada Women's Ski Line up 2018

The womens version of the Tracer, drop ya R’s and Pahk ya cahhh. 

Rossignol 7 Series Skis 2018

Rossignol done did it, mhmmmm.  The 7 Series got an overhaul, they’re still designed and built for the same type of skier, but now they just perform a bit better in variable conditions – something we all come across. 

Rossignol Experience Skis 2018

Experience the difference – A Deer Valley employee.

Volkl Ski Line up 2018You’re familiar with most of what’s in the picture but one is not like the other, actually it’s just like the Yumi, the Men’s Yumi – the Kanjo

Elan Ripstick Line up 2018

A narrower 86 mm waist width has been added to the Ripstick line up but the fact remains Elan is Always Good Times. 

2018 Nordica Women's Skis

The Santa Ana comes with some metal for 2018, this is a legit women’s ski, there are only a handful of women’s skis that are built this tough – the Black Pearl isn’t one of them.

Nordica Enforcer Series 2018

The Enforcer line has expanded a bit, with the Enforcer 110 and Enforcer Pro which only comes in one BSD size, 191 cm – the Pro that is.

2018 is full of awesome and we’re looking forward to the rest of it arriving at our Boston Store  and it’s all shopable right here →  Shop Skis and have them shipped to you for Free... #suhhhhweeet.

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